Electronic Medical Billing

Our staff members do not have years of experience in Accounts Receivable Management. They have decades of experience. Our Billing Associates have not only billed for professional services, they have previously processed insurance claims. By understanding the perspective and strategies of the third parties, we utilize effective procedures to deliver your claims through the minefields of denials and delays to achieve correct reimbursement for the services you render.

Our Information System electronically catalogs expected reimbursement by CPT code by third party. Rather than relying on an operator to detect a payment error, we utilize our technology to identify and pursue the third party when they don’t honor their contractual commitment. We believe you should be fairly compensated for the services you perform. And we diligently work accordingly.

Complete Third Party and Patient Billing
Patient-Friendly, Itemized Statements
Electronic Claims to Third Parties
Data Capture by Hard-copy or Electronic Media
Pre-collection Contact and Payment Arrangements

Detail Follow-up and Denial Monitoring
Expected Reimbursement Monitored by CPT by Third Party
Unique, Early Intervention on Unresolved Claims
Proactive Communications with Third Parties and Patients

Comprehensive Management Reporting
Flexible Output Format (by physician, location, CPT, third party, etc.)
Historical Comparisons and Trend Reporting
Variable Frequency Available (monthly/quarterly/annual)
Customized, Ad hoc Reporting

Practice Administration Services
Financial Analysis and Benchmarking
Comprehensive Fee Review (initial and annual)
Managed Care Contract Negotiations

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